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About Me

Hi, welcome to my page where I document things I’ve learned in technology. I’ve been in the tech field since 2014. I’m currently working as an IT Manager overseeing the data center and network operations team. Our responsibilities cover a vast number of core services. It ranges from share drive provisioning, deploying new servers, installing L2 network hardware, configuration management, and a bunch more.

Some fun facts about me, I enjoy learning new topics in the IT field and tinkering with my home cyber range lab powered by a NUC Ghost Canyon. Lately, I’ve been playing with Microsoft’s PowerPlatform suite to automate some of the data entry for our compliance analysis metrics.

Things I’m doing

Lab Enviroment

  • Lenvo P Series (Main Computer, runnning software hypervisor with VMware Workstation Pro)
    • Intel i7
    • 128GB Memory
    • 2TB NVME
  • NUC Ghost Canyon ( Extendable lab computer, running as a bare metal hypervisor with VMware VSphere)
    • Intel i7
    • 64GB memory
    • 2TB NVME
  • Code Editior using Visual Studio Code